2023 Tournament Info

Are you an All Star, A, or B team?

 Last year we added an All Star Division for Minor and Major, depending on the level of interest we may do this again for 2023.

We reserve the right to move any team from the A to B to All Star divisions , the tournament director shall have final say in this matter.

All Star Division – All Star Teams as selected by local leagues to participate in the Little League World Series District championships should register at the All Star level. If any non Little League teams are participating, those designated as ‘Rep’ or ‘Select’ will play in this division. ‘Select’ is a general descriptor for a team that is formed from players from 2 or more ‘house’ teams. This division will be composed of teams that have been formed through a ‘Try Out’ selection process. Little League ‘All Star’ and ‘Travel’ teams are examples. 2nd All Star teams from a league that are formed this way should also play in this division

“A” Division –  Any team that is participating in the “A”  (Canadian) division of the Summer Interlock should play here.

“B” Division – Little League Spring or Summer House league teams participating in the “B” (National) Interlock are examples of this.